The following tiles are Seconds. They have very small specks, off color, in the tile, usually smaller than a pencil lead. They are perfect in every other way.
These are small batches of tile and may not be reordered. Quantities are subject to sale prior to ordering. Please check with Perfection Floor Tile Associate for available stock.
  LEATHERLOOK 20″ x 20″ 5mm
Leather Look Black 95 Tile
Leather Look Dark Gray 44 Tile
Leather Look Light Gray 43 Tile
Leather Look Light Brown 76 Tile
Leather Look White 34 Tile
Leather Look Tan 25 Tile
Leather Look Blue 50 Tile
Leather Look Rawhide 11 Tile
Beige 32 Tile
Leather Look Buckskin 108 Tile
ll550in-1000 Green 94 Tile
ll550ld-1000 Red 43 Tile




20″ x 20″ 5mm

Slate Texture


30 Tile

Slate Texture

Dark Gray

75 Tile

Slate Texture

Light Gray

66 Tile

Slate Texture


25 Tile

Slate Texture


113 Tile

Slate Texture


8 Tile

Slate Texture


33 Tile

Slate Texture


33 Tile


155 Tile

Slate Texture


154 Tile

Slate Texture

Dark Blue

11 Tile

Slate Texture

Hunter Green

4 Tile


Piazza Clay

0 Tile


  COIN 20.5″ x 20.5″ 5mm
Coin Texture Black 52 Tile
Coin Texture Dark Gray 202 Tile
Coin Texture Light Gray 133 Tile
Coin Texture White 39 Tile
Coin Texture Green 0 Tile
Coin Texure Blue 3 Tile
Coin Texture Red 35 Tile
Coin Texture Beige 49 Tile
Coin Texture Tan 26 Tile
Yellow Coin Yellow 204 Tile



  DIAMOND PLATE 20.5″ x 20.5″ 5mm
Diamond Plate Testure Black 51 Tile
dp450dg45-350 Dark Gray 112 Tile
dp450lg45-350 Light Gray 188 Tile
White Diamond plate White 149 Tile
Diamond Plate Testure Green 7 Tile
Diamond Plate Texture Blue 33 Tile
Diamond Plate Testure Red 14 Tile
Beige Diamond Plate Beige 0 Tile
Tan Diamond Plate Tan 30 Tile
Diamond Plate Orange 5 Tile


Commercial and Industrial Texture Black Industrial 7mm 28 Tile
Commercial Dark Gray Industrial 7mm 165 Tile
Commercial and Industrial Texture Black Commercial 5mm 85 Tile
Commercial Dark Gray Commercial 5mm 5 Tile
Commercial and Industrial Texture White Industrial 5mm 37 Tile
Commercial and Industrial Texture Yellow Industrial 5mm 33 Tile
Commercial and Industrial Texture Dark Gray Coin 7mm 120 Tile


  Solair Rubber Tile 18″ x 18″ x 1/4″ Interior/Exterior
sa600bl60_1000 Solair Blue 414 Tile
sa600tt60_1000 Solair Red 185 Tile

Colors may vary in different types of lighting and with different monitor settings.

Close-Outs and Seconds are $5.95 per tile ♦ Granite Seconds $6.99 per tile