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Color / Quantity Available

Beige - 251

Beige Homestyle.jpg

Black - 27

Black Homestyle.png

Brown - 51

Brown Homestyle.jpg

Graphite - 72

Graphite Homestyle.png

Green - 41

Light Gray - 42

Light Gray Homestyle.png

Rosewood - 33

Rosewood Homestyle.png

Sandstone - 120

Sandstone Homestyle.jpg

White - 80

White Homestyle.png

Lifetime Residential Warranty / 10 Year Commercial Warranty

Size: 20" x 20", 6 Tiles Per Carton, 16.7 Sq. Ft. Per Carton

Thickness: 5mm

Cost: $5.50 per tile, $44 per case

The following tiles are Seconds. They have very small specks, off color, in the tile, usually smaller than a pencil lead. They are perfect in every other way.

These are small batches of tile and may not be reordered. Quantities are subject to sale prior to ordering. Please check with Perfection Floor Tile Associate for available stock.