Leather Closeouts 

To order flooring contact at 816-765-7301 or sales@perfectionfloortile.com  

Color / Quantity Available

Beige - 0

Beige Leather.jpg

Black - 60

Black Leather.jpg

Dark Gray - 0

Dark Gray Leather.png

Light Gray - 0

Light Gray Leather.jpg

Iguana - 60

Elephant Leather.jpg

Ostrich - 0

Ostrich Leather.png

Rawhide - 29

Rawhide Leather.png

Size: 20" x 20", 6 Tiles Per Carton, 16.7 Sq. Ft. Per Carton

Thickness: 5mm

Cost: $5.00 per tile

The following tiles are Seconds. They have very small specks, off color, in the tile, usually smaller than a pencil lead. They are perfect in every other way.

These are small batches of tile and may not be reordered. There may be a color variation. Quantities are subject to sale prior to ordering. Please check with Perfection Floor Tile Associate for available stock.

All sales are final.