Plank Closeouts

We are no longer making this tile Regular Price 3.99 sq. ft.

Now 1.98 sq. ft.

To order flooring contact at 816-765-7301 or

Color / Quantity Available

Aged Walnut - 110 tile

Aged Walnut 2.jpg

Brazilian Cherry - 220 tile

Brazilian Cherry2 - 220.jpg

Cinnamon Cherry - 170 tile

Cinnamon Chery2.jpg

Gunstock Oak - 190 tile

Gunstock Oak 2 - 190.jpg

Natural Acacia - 220 Tile

Natural Acacia 2 - 220.jpg

Reclaimed Oak - 220 Tile

Reclaimed Oak2 - 220.jpg

Rustic Grey Oak - 200 Tile

Rustick Gray Oak2.jpg

Yukon Hickory - 190 Tile

Yukon Hickory 2 - 190.jpg

Lifetime Residential Warranty / 10 Year Commercial Warranty

6” x 48”, 2 sq. ft. per tile, 10 tile to a case, 20 sq. ft. per case

Cost $1.98 sq. ft. 20 sq. ft. per case $39.60 per case

The following tiles are Close Outs.

These are small batches of tile and may not be reordered. Quantities are subject to sale prior to ordering. Please check with Perfection Floor Tile Associate for available stock.



  • No Glue or snap together, simply drop and walk for immediate use.

  • Easiest installation of any plank flooring. Install over any clean, debris free existing hard surfaces such as concrete, wood or non-cushioned vinyl flooring.

  • Durable: stain, scuff, and dent-resistant finish. Is great for high-traffic residential and commercial use.

  • Extra-thick 20 mil commercial wear layer for peak durability.

  • Waterproof to the core. Can be installed in wet areas and will never swell when exposed to water.

  • Easy to clean floor covering. Perfect for active households.

  • Simply wet mopped for easy cleaning.

  • Sound Dampening.

  • Luxury Vinyl is simply stunning. Wood-look visuals with subtle tones and crips details. HiFi imaging technology captures authentic wood colors and grain patterns.

  • Great for any space including kitchens, baths, and even basements.

Sweep the surface clear of Debris

Roll out Tape (included) along the entire perimeter of the room a half inch from the wall.

Remove the paper layer from the tape and install the first plank snug to the corner. Leave no space for moisture penetration or movement.

A the end of the first row cut to fit the wall. Use the remaining piece (at least 12” long) to start back in the opposite direction. Use a utility knife and straightedge to cut half-length and quarter length planks or tiles; alternate the size of planks or tiles when starting new rows to achieve an appealing staggered installation.

Make sure you snug each plank tightly to its neighbor for a water proof fit.

Lower Level Den

Lower Level Den

Commercial Office

Commercial Office