Perfection Floor Tile Plank Collection 


Tile Specifications:

  • Tile Size: 6” x 48”

  • 2 sq. ft. per tile

  • 10 tile per box

Perfection Floor Tile’s Drop and Walk Technology comes to you with our new luxury vinyl, faux wood, cushion grip plank flooring. Perfection Floor Tiles new game changing technology puts forth the high quality, luxury appeal, organically safe, with easy no-glue installation you have come to expect.

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Waterproof - Installs Anywhere Interior - Stain Resistance with Exclusive Seal 365 Protection - Fastest & Easiest Installation - Drop and Walk Technology - Underlayment attached - Moisture Barrier attached - High Dimensional Stability - Residential Life Time Warranty - 12 Year Commercial Warranty with 365 Maintenance

Bamboo Plank Lifestyle.jpg

Baywood Plank

Baywood Plank.jpg
Cherry Blossom Plank Lifestyle.jpg

Coastal Oak Plank

Coastal Oak Plank.jpg
English Walnut Plank Lifestyle.jpg

Honey Maple Plank

Honey Maple Plank.jpg
Mariner's Teak Plank Lifestyle.jpg

Nova Scotian Ash Plank

Nova Scotian Ash Plank.jpg
Ranchwood Plank Lifestyle.jpg

Recycled Ranchwood Plank

Recycled Ranchwood Plank.jpg
Riverwood Taupe Plank Lifestyle.jpg

Virginian Oak Plank

Bamboo Plank

Bamboo Plank.jpg
Baywood Plank Lifestyle.jpg

Cherry Blossom Plank

Cherry Blossom Plank.jpg
Coastal Oak Plank Lifestyle.jpg

English Walnut Plank

English Walnut Plank.jpg
Honey Maple Lifestyle Plank.jpg

Mariner's Teak Plank

Mariner's Teak Plank.jpg
Nova Scotian Ash Plank Lifestyle.jpg

Ranchwood Plank

Ranchwood Plank.jpg
Recycled Ranchwood Plank Lifestyle.jpg

Riverwood Taupe Plank

Riverwood Taupe Plank.jpg
Virginian Oak Plank Lifestyle.jpg